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Religious travel

Embrace the freedom of your beliefs

Travel to visit religious sites has been part of human history since records have been kept. We will shortly be launching a range of products for the Religious traveller.

Our product can cover the individual or family but also caters for organised groups of up to 250+ with sizeable discounts applying from 11+ in a group travelling together.


As per all our Extramile travel polices cover extends to include:

  • 24/7 Responsive Disaster Recovery consultancy and extra expense costs and Political and Natural Disaster Evacuation costs
  • 24/7 emergency medical expenses / evacuation / repatriation

All the above are crucial for visiting this part of the world and included in our Religious Travel cover as standard.

Cover is simply rated the package provides cover for trips of up to 40 days. For longer periods or higher benefits our World Traveller cover package can be used.

This policy is written on a Legally admitted basis and therefore meets the requirements of Local Legislation and the requirements of the Iraqi Diwan.

List of benefits for the Religious Travel cover:

Note: main excess applicable for the cover is $100 increased to $1,000 (USD) in respect of Political / Natural Catastrophe Evacuation**.

Emergency Medical Expenses / Evacuation / Repatriation

Personal Accident Accidental Death, Loss of Limb(s) / Sight, Permanent Total Disablement

Political / Natural Disaster Evacuation

Responsive Disaster Recovery

Cancellation and Curtailment

Missed Departure and Delay

Personal Liability

Hospital Benefit



Specific Pre-existing Medical Conditions covered automatically

Wide range of sports and other activities covered as standard





$85,000 Consultancy*,
$15,000 Extra expenses*









* Each offer is limited per person.
** Excess amount shown is the main policy excess for each section. Subsections can contain more specific excesses so you should always check the policy document before making a claim.

Policy exclusions

  • War or Terrorism where You take an active part.
  • Activities where you are a member of the Armed forces and are on active duty.
  • Any pre existing medical condition unless it is included within the precleared conditions list.
  • Pregnancy or childbirth.
  • Intoxication by Alcohol or drugs.

Useful info

The above is a summary only of the cover and exclusions, the policy must be read in full.

For more details about our travel insurance policy, check out our Key facts and view the documents below:

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